This auto foldable 3-axis phone gimbal is giving the DJI Osmo Mobile a run for its money

The future of content is clearly mobile, and I honestly can’t think of a product that plays a more pivotal (quite literally) role than the handheld gimbal. Gimbals, with their stabilization abilities, make phone videos less chaotic and more cinematic. Add a few more features like a selfie stick, a tripod, and an auto-folding feature and you’ve suddenly got a product that’s really hard for me to resist talking about.

Meet the ATOM 2, a tiny, foldable 3-axis gimbal that makes vlogging, streaming, filming, and action-capturing on your phone a whole lot easier. About as small as a can of deodorant, and as light as an apple, the ATOM 2 is as portable as your phone, and adds the hardware chops to your phone’s software capabilities. Featuring a hybrid setup of motors, the ATOM 2 covers rolling, panning, and tilting motions to stabilize all your videos. Brushless motors on the top and a patented hybrid motor near the handle mean it does it all without a counterweight, making it a compact beast that weighs a mere 280 grams.

Setting the ATOM 2 up is as simple as gently flipping it open and the motors come to life as the gimbal opens up and immediately calibrates itself. The universal grip works with any phone, and a simple button control lets you navigate the gimbal, although that isn’t just all. The ATOM 2 even comes with an extendable arm, working as a selfie stick for better control, and the handle opens up into a tripod too, allowing you to take shots with yourself in the frame, or take more controlled panoramas, time-lapses, or long-exposures. These features come preprogrammed within the ATOM 2’s app, which also offers AI tracking and gesture controlling. When you’re done, slip your phone out and switch the ATOM 2 off using the power button and the entire thing folds back into its tiny, pocket-friendly avatar completely on its own!

Designer: Snoppa Technology

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $99 (30% off).

ATOM 2: World’s 1st Auto-foldable 3-axis Phone Gimbal

ATOM 2 is the world’s first auto-foldable 3-axis phone gimbal that is pocket size. It senses your action for auto startup and folding, making it a hassle-free phone filming assistant. With a built-in tripod and an extendable handle, ATOM 2 is perfect for go-anywhere phone-filming, vlogging, live-streaming, and selfies.

Auto Folding, Fast Setup

ATOM 2 can instantly sense your opening & closing actions to automatically control the gimbal arm’s movements, giving you a more convenient grab-and-shoot experience.

A True Pocket Size Stabilizer

The hybrid 3-axis structural design allows ATOM 2 to break free from bulky conventional designs and significantly reduces the gimbal size to an incredible degree.

A Real 3-axis Stabilizer

Compared with 1 or 2 axes selfie-stick style gimbals, a 3-axis gimbal can best eliminate shakes and jitters in all 3 axes of roll, tilt and pan, balancing the phone camera in real-time which results in smooth and steady videos.

ATOM 2 utilizes Snoppa’s latest patented design—the hybrid 3-axis anti-shake structure which is the soul of ATOM 2. The roll and pan axes both use a direct-drive brushless motor while the tilt axis uses a special hybrid brushless motor self-developed by Snoppa. It has a much higher torsion and excellent stabilizing performance, which cannot be found in any other gimbal.

Extendable Handle With Built-in Tripod

ATOM 2 eliminates the need for additional gear, it has an extendable handle, allowing you to take better selfie shots with a wider field of view. With the integrated tripod, you can stand it directly on any flat surface for hands-free filming techniques such as time-lapse, auto-tracking, etc.

1 Hour Fast Charging

ATOM 2 is currently the only gimbal that supports fast charging. It takes only 1 hour to charge from empty to full, or 40 minutes charging to reach 80%. Inside there’s a built-in temperature sensor that can detect the battery status in real-time to ensure safety.

Auto Phone Mounting Detection

ATOM 2 has an embedded infrared sensor in the gimbal phone holder, which can actively sense the phone mounting status to prevent the motor from starting before the phone is mounted – helping to avoid motor damage.

Dedicated Filming App

The filming app offers functions for users to enhance their shooting experiences like AI recognition and tracking, time-lapse, slow motion, panorama, beauty mode, gesture control, and more.

Beauty Mode: Helps you edit images and video to bring out your best features in both your selfie pictures and vlogs.

Faceover & Facemasking: Through AI face detection, the Faceover Mode enables users to automatically cover their faces with either pixels or a selected cartoon sticker during face tracking.

AI Gesture Controls: Control the gimbal hands-free or remotely. Now snapping a photo or recording a video is as easy as a simple gesture. And more customized gestures can be set for start/stop shooting, shot clock, inception mode, and more.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $99 (30% off).