An Emotional Phone

The more we get hooked to technology and cyberspace, the more we depend on them to reflect our moods and emotional status. One such device of the future is Gaia Phone and it promises to become your Identity. It’s the kinda phone that supports a virtual wall full of pics of contacts in our phonebook and depending upon the strength of your relationship (detected by the number of calls to/from that person); it brightens or fades-out their photo. Not surprisingly, it comes to life with its master’s touch!

A spectacular show of lights, sound and vibrations greet “a best friend’s call, text message, a brother’s new picture upload or status update, or a girlfriend’s presence close by.” As I mentioned earlier, this palm-sized device sports an infinite virtual ‘Wall’, which allows never-ending scrolling, and zooming using multi-touch screen technology. Statuses, pictures, news feeds get updated automatically and inform you via lights and vibrations.

I’m all for these “emotional” gadgets, but somehow nothing can replace a warm, vocal, real life greeting with an emoticon or lights!

Designer: Ahmad Bittar

Gaia Concept Phone by Ahmad Bittar