The most minimal iPhone 12 case also gives it the most amount of character

Think of the Arc Pulse as a helmet and elbow + shin guards for your phone. Nobody wears a suit of armor as they’re skateboarding. Instead, they wear gear to protect just vulnerable, high-impact areas like the joints and the head, right? Well, the Arc Pulse applies that logic to the smartphone by targetting and shielding just the areas that are more likely to experience damage… the corners, and the camera bump.

Isn’t it funny that we buy a phone partially based on its aesthetics, meticulously choose a color that appeals to us, and then cover everything up with a boring looking case? The Arc Pulse makes the argument that protecting a smartphone shouldn’t mean shrouding its very character. The Arc Pulse’s bumper-inspired design sits on just the top and bottom, with its minimalist two-part case covering the phone from all angles. The bumpers come with a lip that extends on the front, protecting the screen, while its inherent design guards the corners, sides, and even the back. Available in titanium and aluminum variants, the Arc Pulse gives the iPhone a unique character with the way it sits on the top and bottom. This minimalist, almost ornamental aesthetic not only helps show off your smartphone, but it also exposes the phone’s antenna bands, ensuring perfect 5G coverage, and even allows you to use the wireless charger unencumbered. The Arc Pulse, which is available for all iPhone 12 models, comes with a unique and proprietary slide-on fit™ system that bonds the case to the phone in a way that gives you both impact resistance as well as shock-absorption… all while showing off your smartphone’s design the way it was intended to be seen!

Designer: Arc