Sofa designs so good, they’re impossible to resist

Rather than a statement piece, sofa designs have become a piece of comfort. Many of us (consider me guilty too) have surely ended up eating, sleeping, crashing and basically just living out on our sofa. But the designs we have collected here will ensure you treat your sofa as the beautiful and central part to your home that it should be. Scroll down to see designs that will inspire you to innovate, reimagine and create some truly unique sofa designs.

Lawless Sofa by Evan Fay

Cloverleaf sofa by Verpan

Soriano sofa by design legends Afra & Tobia

De Medici by Ihor Havrylenko 

Pebble Furniture by Igarashi Design Studio for Musashino Art University 9th Building 

Bob modular sofa by Stefan Borselius and Bernstrand for Bla Station

Borghese Sofa by Noe Duchaufour Lawrance & Cara Woodhouse Interiors

2018 Outdoor Collection by MINOTTI

The incredible OCEANIA Couch by Simon Haeser

Povarskaya Street Couch by Aiya Design