This $172,000 sustainable luxury boat is on our summer wish list

I am sure we are all dreaming about summer and places we would rather be at. It would be amazing if we could just get on a boat and go on an ocean adventure around the world, but since we all have to play our part in flattening the curve, the best we can do is stay indoors and look at beautiful boats like the Leisure 28. Digital getaways are fun too, so now let me show you around this sustainable luxury boat!

Leisure 28 is a sleek electric boat designed by Rand Boats, a Danish company committed to using sustainable design and innovative technology for giving you the best experience out on the water. This boat is built on the pillars of modern Scandinavian design and has powerful electric propulsion (so no motor noise or fuel smell!) with a maximum speed of 45 mph that can run for two hours without a recharge. Its hull design helps in making it ultralight and optimizes the performance effortlessly. Leisure 28 is made of a mix of recycled plastics and bio-based hybrids which makes it environmentally friendly.

The luxury boat has been crafted keeping in mind the social interactions during summers and making most of the space without turning into a cruise ship. It has a cabin with a queen-sized bed and an adjustable 12 seater table that turns into a king-size sundeck when lowered. There is an exclusive kitchen & bar space, and when the time is right for us to all be together again that is where we are going to hang out. If you are wondering about a bathroom, yes, there is one and I am also surprised how much Leisure 28 can hold for its size.

Rand Boats are proud of making something that is first and foremost a highly functional design, so whether you are high-speed cruising or riding big ocean waves, Leisure 28 will ensure a smooth sailing experience. Let’s continue dreaming about this minimal, graceful, luxurious boat we all need…and can have for USD 172,000.

Designer: Rand Boats