This 2040 Polestar e-bike comes with a LiDAR equipped drone that doubles as collision avoidance system

Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes, boasting impressive mileage and whatnot. But rarely does an e-bike come embedded with the actual emotion of riding. The pure joy of taking your machine, that’s aesthetically crafted for perfection, out in the countryside for a serene ride. And yes, it does have a LiDAR-equipped drone that can take flight on your command for stunning 16K videos, the capability to zoom 36 times, and a range of 3 km. In the center of the front section (where traditionally headlights would be) is Odin’s Eye, the LiDAR system of the double-duty drone, which acts as a smart sensory system to aid the driver in treacherous conditions as it comes with a crash avoidance system and other useful assists.

Dubbed the Polestar C60 Concept Motorcycle, this electric bike concept by Vinay Raj Somashekar has a graphene battery at its core, one of the most versatile and clean energy storage medium. The bike will charge in no time, virtually in a couple of minutes and mileage would be way ahead of what we are used to seeing in the current era. The side of the bike is dominated by the hexagonal shape, known to be one of the most robust shapes, lending the ride a mechanically strong core while being visually attractive. The same hexagonal shape can be seen at the front where the drone magnetically clasps onto the bike when not taking flight. For a smoother journey, there is the dynamic electromagnetic suspension system that works in tandem with Odin’s Eye for “automatic real-time progressive preload adjustment based on road and weather conditions.”

The designer envisions this e-bike for the year 2040 when autonomous technologies are so advanced that they’ll ensure you are safe at all times – but then you got to break the shackles every now and then. There’s a ‘Zen Mode’ to let go of all the driving assists and safety features for pure joy or riding, and when you want to focus on improving your driving, it’s time to switch to the ‘Track Mode’ which comes with brake and acceleration assists to guide you to take the apexes perfectly.

Designer: Vinay Raj Somashekar