This modular drill might make 2021 the year you finally get that DIY project done!

DIY projects have made a major comeback since their fall in the 1990s with the onset of the digital age. From cardboard drones and paper lamps to desks with hidden PCs and foldable wallets made from leather, DIY culture inspires a lot of us to feel capable of building and designing our surroundings, so long as we’ve got the tools. Modul Drill is a modular toolset that comes with all the tools we need for any future renovations or ‘Fixit’ projects on the side. HOLO Design, a digital design studio based in Germany, managed to design a three-in-one hand tool, consisting of three of the most used repair tools: a drill, jigsaw, and circle grinder.

The operability of Modul Drill mimics that of many power tools on the market in terms of its controls and grip style. However, Modul Drill’s main power and control switches are found at the top of the battery-operated tool’s handle. This change in placement, when compared to single-function power tools, both ensures a safe transition between the different tools that come with the modular toolset and amplifies the product’s main purpose of modularity. Modul Drill’s magic lies in the product’s drill shaft, which connects the handle and battery. The drill shaft provides an inlet for the handheld tool, giving it its modular edge. When activated, the tool’s button that’s situated just in front of the drill shaft dislodges a module and vacates the inlet for a different module’s attachment. After cutting into stucco or cement, users only have to adjust the drill shaft before swapping out the circle grinder for the drill. The drill shaft also incorporates a clutch selector which indicates how much torque is applied to the drill when activated and seems to readjust for each additional tool module. Each tool comes with its own drill shaft, making for smooth modulation between the different forms of application between tools, like cutting and drilling.

Renovation and other tool-necessary hobbies can quickly tun expensive. The precision required for home repair makes DIY work a finicky pastime because only specific tools and equipment fit the bill for any given project. The concept behind Modul Drill is to make the fussy specificity that comes with handy work a little bit more manageable, making renovation and other repair work feel that much more approachable.

Designer: HOLO Design