The Fiat 126 reimagined as an all-electric vehicle evokes nostalgia through its modern design!

Fiat is an icon for the Youngtimer era of cars and this quarantine period has led to MA-DE studio being inspired to create a concept design of the beloved Fiat to fit in our new world – the all-electric Fiat 126 Vision! Co-founder of the Italian design studio, Andrea Della Vecchia, is passionate about cars and lives by a famous Tony Gaskins quote “If you don’t build your dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs,” which led her to create the Fiat 126 Vision.

This all-electric car is actually Vecchia’s first automotive design project. It reimagines the popular Fiat 126 model from 1972 to fit in our current scenario where vehicles are headed towards a fuel-less future. Fiat 126 is a four-passenger rear-engined city car, introduced by the brand at the Turin Auto Show as a replacement for the Fiat 500; it was one of the most successful models with a total production of almost 4.7 million units.

Vision 126 has a balanced aesthetic of vintage and modern. While the concept has square headlights to resemble the original model, making it slightly slimmer would it a slightly more modern look and would take off some visual bulk from the front. Vision features radial vents in a way where they are integrated within the steel cap which is similar to the original wheel design. A Fiat enthusiast and automotive engineer suggested putting the side turn indicators back on the side fenders to keep a little more of Type 126 intact and perhaps redesigning the outside mirror stalk as a straight line which will form the base of the mirror itself giving it a more refined look.

The 126 Vision concept retains Fiat’s identity, rather its soul, while breathing new life into it so someday we can see it back on the roads with all the upgrades we now have in our cars. “With this 126 Vision, we have decided to preserve, adopting a new interpretation, the contour and some unmistakable stylistic elements, such as the roof tapered at the rear and the squared headlights dominated by the character line that surrounds the vehicle,” says Vecchia. The concept evokes nostalgia with a sleek design.

Designer: MA-DE Studio