An infrared thermometer + biometric scanner that logs employee attendance as well as health!

If used correctly and ethically, contact tracing and biometric identification can truly help curb the spread of pandemics. Now I’m yet to see a case where a corporation or a government hasn’t abused its power when it comes to identifying and tracing the whereabouts of individuals, but I’m still hopeful that they can be held accountable if they do misuse this ability. The VERO isn’t just some regular thermometer… it was built for helping companies monitor the health of their individual employees. Designed as a part of a prompt from Render Weekly, the VERO reads temperature using non-contact infrared sensors, but it doesn’t just do that. It helps keep a tab of people scanned too, allowing offices or businesses to internally test their own employees. The VERO scans the patient’s temperature while also logging in their name, details, and their identity… like a biometric scanner that captures an employee’s attendance as well as their health!

Designer: Ryan Krause