This ‘car-wash’ for your spectacles will wipe fingerprints and dust off your lenses to give you crystal clear vision

If you remember the crowdfunded ‘washing-machine’ for your AirPods from a few months ago, this one should seem like a slightly familiar product that’s potentially a lot more useful. More than 70% of all adults wear spectacles – prescription or sunglasses (that number’s going to go even higher after Apple debuts their Smart Glasses), but it seems like the only solution we’ve got to actually cleaning them involves using the corner of your shirt or clothing to wipe the lenses clean. However, your cotton tee wasn’t designed to wipe glass… in fact, chances are your cotton tee is actually damaging the glass by scratching it or eroding the coating on the lenses. Meet the LensHD, a ‘car-wash’ for your spectacles that wipes them down and practically buffs the lenses clean so you’ve got spotless, clear vision.

The LensHD is basically a one-stop cleaning station for all your spectacles. Whether they’re regular glasses or bifocals, sunglasses or nerdy glasses, the LensHD will clean all of them. The universal spectacle-cleaning gadget is roughly the size of a Bluetooth speaker, and comes with four strategically placed cleaning sponges that wipe down pretty much any sort of dirt off your lenses. The sponges rotate on a slightly offset axis, allowing them to effectively wipe down your glasses without leaving so much as a spot behind, and they’re covered with a microfiber cloth that’s easy on the lenses but tough on stains.

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As a specs-wearer myself, I can’t really overstate how cool this machine is… although it isn’t quite as portable and cheap as using that microfiber cloth that comes inside your spectacle-case. However, it does a measurably better job at completely removing stains of all kinds – fingerprints, dust, drops, grease, etc. without damaging your spectacles. Just spritz the sponges with cleaning fluid, pop your spectacles in, and shut the lid, and the LensHD gets to work. The blade-shaped sponges begin rotating on either side of the lenses, wiping them clean from inside as well as the outside; and they move upwards, downwards, and sideways too, working with larger lenses and square-shaped spectacles too.

The LensHD’s patent-pending design is compact enough to easily fit on your desk or your bedside table. It charges via USB-C and can run for multiple cycles without needing a recharge. The internal sponge-discs are removable and washable under running water, and if you’ve got an entire arsenal of spectacles to clean, the sponges can be periodically replaced too. The little gizmo retails for a special early-bird price of $79 with a delivery date of November 2021. The project’s garnered over 3,300 supporters as of writing this article, which is pretty much a testament to how many people wear spectacles… and how many of them are tired of having dust, stains, and fingerprint smudges on their lenses.

Designer: LensCleaner

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $89 (11% off) Hurry! Only 3 days left!