This Tesla Model M + Blade Runner mashup car hovers somewhere above Neo-futurism and lunarpunk!

Imagining the cars of the future has captured our attention for years. I still remember drawing cars with wings in grade school because that’s about as far as my imagination would take me. Designer Dan Window looked to Blade Runner to fuel his imagination and created his Spinner 44 render, which both captures the enigmatic spirit of the film series’ Spinner and brings us to new futuristic landscapes.

Spinner 44 might oscillate somewhere between Blade Runner’s flying car and a Tesla Model X, both cars of tomorrow in their own right. Operable as a ground-based or airborne vehicle, Spinner 44 appears as a two-seater with an additional back compartment in the trunk. Spinner 44’s dual front wheels are given a proper smoothing, which stretches over the whole car, giving an overall slick, leatherback look. The shape of Spinner 44 resembles the great black wasp, with the front wheels being the wasp’s mandibles and the angular, licked rear, the wasp’s stinger. Lunarpunk looks, like its mirror glaze finish and jet black coating, slide over the whole vehicle, for incognito night drives, into the chiaroscuro backdrop of the Blade Runner‘s City of Angels. Swapping brutalism for neo-futurism, Window’s Spinner 44 embraces the technology of today and tomorrow outside the car as well as inside. Wedged between the car’s two front seats, smart computers seem to run the whole show – I can’t imagine this car’s engine light ever getting turned off. From the rearview, Spinner 44’s additional internal combustion engines provide airlift and carry and jet propulsion for the vehicle.

Syd Mead, designer of the original Spinner, made famous by the Blade Runner film series, described his science-fiction automobile as an ‘aerodyne,’ which means a vehicle that pushes air downward in order to hover aboveground. Other creatives from the film series have said that the Spinner is propelled by three engines: conventional internal combustion, jet, and anti-gravity. Whatever the case might be, let’s see where these flying cars take us. Check out Dan Window’s Blade Runner-inspired render below!

Designer: Dan Window