The sliding design of this thermal footrest relaxes your legs and warms your frosty toes!

A full day of being glued to your chair is draining in its own way. Your blood does not circulate through your lower body as well when sitting, which leads to aches and numbness, and pressure being placed on your joints. With the rise of remote working, many desk workers have the luxury of customizing their workspace in order to solve this problem. They can kick their legs up on a side table by their desk, not worrying about intruding into someone else’s space. What happens, however, when we return to our original offices and have to co-exist in working spaces?

The OFF:REE thermal footrest provides the blood circulation to reduce strain on your joints while retaining a compact shape that won’t get in the way of your co-workers. The built-in heater helps improve blood circulation while also keeping your feet warm during the winter months. The design is simple yet well-informed by user research. Its slightly curved shape provides support and fits comfortably to the arch of your feet. Its sliding platform allows users of varying heights to adjust the footrest’s angle to suit their needs. Finally, its large buttons – easily controlled by your feet, add another layer of convenience and usability.

If you’re going to spend 40 hours each week sitting in one place, you may as well be comfortable. And if you can achieve that comfort without intruding on your fellow worker’s space, all the better.

Designer: Hoyeon Kim and Mungyeong Kim