A Bike Ready for the End of the World


Founded in 2016, Droog Moto was set up by husband and wife Max & Erica Droog. Who quickly became known for their dystopian future, rough and ready aesthetic of bike design that has a go anywhere, anytime attitude. And the Moto 3 is no exception to this. There is something eerie but savagely cool looks to this bike. Originally a Yamaha FZ-09, this bike got a new lease of life, albeit it may not appear that way at first glance.

Rough and ready this is not, the Moto 3 is calculated and beautifully designed. The front arch is stunning to see as it contrasts against the heavy mechanical materials found scattered across this bike. Accompanied by an aggressive LED headlight display and the “tackle anything” off-road tires, the Moto 3 would have no problem getting you from A – B when the world is coming to an end. Just be sure if and when it is all going down, you get a bike from Max and Erica in time.

Designers: Max & Erica Droog of Droog Moto