The Electricity Meter got a Makeover


If you’re familiar at all with electricity meters, it’s likely because you saw this big, clunky contraption attached to your house and hated the way it looked! Here is one that’s a little less obtrusive to your exterior aesthetic and a lot easier for professionals to access. It’s called SM101 and it’s a single-phase residential electric meter that’s highly precise and programmable with surge protection and the ability to independently transmit metered information to the energy company and calculate costs.

The front of the meter is covered with transparent plastic panels. They make terminals and wires easily visible and protect the device from dishonest energy users: changing anything inside is impossible without breaking seals. This equates to guaranteed protection against vandals.

Compact and discrete, the device can be attached to a mounting rail or bolted using the holes and the eyelet. Offered in two color variants: classic black and cheerful light green – it is capable of blending in with your other exterior elements and hints at its environmental friendliness. Despite having minimal dimensions, the meter is equipped with a large screen and easy to understand display graphics that shows big, easy-to-read digits. Users can easily see how many kilowatts they spent in a month.

Designer: Art Lebedev