This mushroom-shaped home is the perfect example of architecture meets nature!

Nestled in a pine forest in Xin Yu City of the Jiangxi Province of China is a mushroom-shaped wooden house! Resembling a wild mushroom, the 50 square meter home was constructed by ZJJZ Architecture Practice. The spacious wooden architecture is a private haven in the serene forests of China and was designed to maintain a symbolic connection with nature. And indeed the structure really does harmoniously blend with its greenery-rich surroundings!

The wooden house consists of two sections – the main mushroom-shaped area which comprises the bedroom. The bedroom features a panoramic window which provides amazing views of the surrounding landscape. You can sit on chairs and gaze at the lush greenery. The cone-shaped roof overhead the bedroom is rounded on top, creating the impression of a roof that is expanding and endless. The accompanying loft which serves as a space for children is connected to the bedroom via a set of small-scale stairs. The bathroom and the storage space function as the second volume of the home. A horizontal window has been placed next to the bathroom allowing light to stream into space, while also restricting the view from the pedestrian path, maintaining privacy. The lobby at the entrance is a space to welcome guests and is accompanied by a circular skylight at the top. This skylight enables light to enter the space throughout the day, creating different expressions of light and shadows, leading to a beautiful lobby area.

As mentioned earlier, the home was constructed while maintaining a cohesive relationship with nature. It has been raised on a steel structure to minimize and reduce the impact of construction on the location. The architects envision that with time the surrounding green plants will grow healthily and embrace the building, creating an exquisite combination of architecture that meets nature! Although the house has been built from granolithic concrete, the roof is clad in pinewood, giving the structure a very organic and natural feel. The mushroom-esque home is at one with the greenery around it, it seems like an extension of nature, rather than a concrete structure built in the midst of it. Residing in this home will surely be a peaceful, serene, and calming experience!

Designer: ZJJZ Architecture Practice