Toyota’s overlanding trailer pairs perfectly with a pickup/SUV and gets you wilderness adventure ready!

Overloading has picked up immensely in this past one year in the US and of course in other locations as well. There is a growing trend because it provides a personalized adventure to people unable to partake traditional vacations due to these challenging times. This fusion of camping and off-roading cannot live up to the true spirit of adventure and self-reliance until you have a good camper along. Presenting a viable option, Toyota – backed by its solid off-road credentials – has unveiled the TRD-Sport Trailer which can haul behind an SUV or pickup truck carrying all the essential gear you may deem important in the wilderness.

Built on the Tacoma bed by Marty Schwerter and his team at Motorsports Garage, the modern overloading TRD-Sport Trailer is going to capture the imagination of enthusiastic adventurers. It is every creative Overlanding explorer’s delight for the smoothness and fineness with which this rugged camper trailer can reach a remote location and setup into a residence for the travelers instantly. Making the best use of all the possible nooks and corners of the available space, Toyota has managed a travel trailer that can be home away from home complete with a slide-out cooling stove, and sink with running water, a refrigerator, a camping toilet, mobile shower with a curtain separation. The trailer has its own running hot water supply from a 16-gallon freshwater tank, and also features a 15-gallon grey water tank.

Interestingly, the TRD-Sport Trailer features a scissor-lift that lifts up several feet to separate the tent platform from the trailer bed, so you can perch higher up amid the trees if you like. You can pitch the provided Yakima four-person tent and spread out an awning on fly fishing poles for additional floor space around the trailer. When fully deployed, the trailer creates a campsite with enough room for up to four people. The entire area can be illuminated by LED lights, which the power needs are optimized by a generator and an Optima Yellow Top battery on board.

For the more adventurous, the TRD-Sport Trailer that rides on TRD-Pro wheels with General Grabber X3 tires also comes equipped with outdoor gear like “fishing poles, nets; waders and wading boots; cookware, coffee mugs and more. Having this rigged trailer on the back of their vehicles will give enthusiasts peace of mind and convenience to extend their adventures in comfort.

Designer: Toyota