The Porsche 357 is unadulterated fun for one

Created as an homage to his two favorite Porsche cars, the 935 and the 911, this is the Porsche 357, Clément Lacour’s pet project at making a Porsche that is viciously fast, yet has a certain sensuality. The car has an ability to depict speed and grace in a unique way. It uses organic forms to evoke the feelings of elegance, but at the same time doesn’t let those organic curves dominate the design. The Porsche 357 is ultimately a flat, low-suspension car that looks like it could zip from A to B without you even knowing. It borrows from the 935’s aggressive front with incredibly low headlamps, and the extended lip on the rear, creating an aesthetic that’s emotive. The 357 seats one driver, and was designed purely for the thrill of riding a car that fully embodies Porsche’s wild spirit!

Designers: Clément Lacour & Serge Rusak