This Modular Seating Solution Is Made From Recycled Cork Salvaged From Wine Stoppers

Designed by Paul Crofts, this modular seating system is called Tejo. Crofts designed the Tejo seating collection for the furniture brand Isomi. It is intended to be a “reconfigurable, recyclable, and renewable” modular seating collection that serves as a bench, a single sofa, or even a double back-to-back sofa.

Designer: Paul Crofts for Isomi

The Tejo seat includes curving components that have been filled with natural latex instead of foam. The furniture design is upholstered with natural wool, hemp, or flax instead of synthetic fabrics. It is equipped with a base made from recycled cork which has been salvaged from the production process of wine stoppers. This unique base was created instead of a traditional plywood frame.

“Grown in responsibly managed forests in the Portuguese region of Alentejo – which gives the sofa its name – cork is ideal for use in seating as it is not only soft, tactile, and visually beautiful, but it also regenerates naturally,” said Isomi.

The cork utilized for the Tejo seating solution is sustainably grown, and also a sustainable material option in itself. It ventures into the utilization of cork as a material of choice, while creating a furniture design that has a complementing and soft aesthetic value to it. The Tejo modular furniture design is available in a wide range of colors, and it has been created to work well in different commercial spaces – ranging from retail settings to workplaces and even restaurants.

The Tejo seat can be integrated with different additional elements such as screen dividers, table units, planets, power outlets, and charging ports to create a personalized and customized furniture design. You can add the components that work well for you and your lifestyle, in turn creating a seating system that meets your multiple needs – whether they’re home-oriented or for work. The elegant and refined aesthetics of the seating design allow it to artfully merge with most spaces, giving it a much-appreciated versatility.