This Chinese dual screen business laptop is first horizontally foldable 360-degree laptop ever

Dual screen laptops are still in their infancy. Whether there are takers for such a technology, doesn’t matter; OEMs are constantly developing laptops with multiple screens. Chinese company Acemagic is the latest entrant in the category. After having surprised us with a gaming router-esque mini-PC previously, Acemagic has now announced the X1 laptop: considered the world’s only horizontally foldable 360-degree laptop.

It was back at the Computex 2024 in Taiwan when Acemagic first revealed its dual screen laptop. It was then called the Z1A, but eventually now, when it was launched, it was called the X1 and it is meant for consuming different content simultaneously, working on different screens, or multitasking work without switching between screens – as I end up doing all day, with a 27-inch monitor attached to my usual single screen laptop.

Designer: Acemagic

The Acemagic X1 is a usual laptop with another screen attached horizontally, which can swivel all the way back, flush against the primary display. Comprising two 14-inch 1080p displays, the laptop allows users to fold the screens down over the keyboard for use in tablet mode with one screen. Whatever the use case you choose, the 360-degree rotation and folding dual screen laptop is meant for business and productivity usage.

So, you can during work, swivel the second screen backward and present the slides to your team sitting across the table from you. Or maybe, when your little one is disturbing you while working; you can swing the additional screen all the way back to play their favorite cartoon while you continue working unhindered. There are a lot of use case possibilities, but it’s not the most powerful machine for your needs.

Under the hood, the Acemagic X1 dual screen laptop runs a two-year-old Intel Core i7 1255U processor. It’s paired with 1 TB 3.0 SSD for onboard storage and features 16GB DDR4 RAM.  For connectivity, the laptop supports up to 5Gbps of transfer speeds and has a USB-A, 2 USB-C (one only for charging), and an HDMI 2.0 ports. With its distinctive appeal, the laptop will make a buzz but for now, we don’t have a price or its release date to share.