This wearable wristband lets you shoot a stream of sanitizer at objects like Spiderman

I’ll admit, web-slinging from building to building seems like an absolute dream, but give me a wristband that sanitizes objects and I’d probably settle for that right now! The SprayCare is probably the most literal version of a hand-sanitizer, in that it’s a sanitizer that sits on your hand. Designed to fit into a wristband no larger than your Apple Watch, the SprayCare contains a tiny vial, an atomizer nozzle, and an electronic pump that you actuate using a button. Fill the vial with sanitizer and the SprayCare lets you deploy a fine mist of disinfectant on an object before you touch it. It could be a door-handle, the railing inside a bus or train, the grip on a shopping cart, or even the latch of your car door. SprayCare shoots out an even mist up to distances of 5 feet, letting you quickly and effectively sterilize surfaces without needing to pop out your sanitizer bottle and clean your palms before and after you touch anything.

The SprayCare band was developed as a direct result of the pandemic, but having a spray-machine on your wrist does have its merits outside the pandemic too. In theory, the SprayCare could also hold perfumes, essential oils, smelling salts, or even mosquito repellants. The inner vial has a capacity of 5ml, which doesn’t sound like much, but can last well over a day thanks to the precisely engineered atomizer nozzle. The nozzle helps ensure maximal coverage with minimal liquid use, allowing the SprayCare to last for days before needing to be refilled. In fact, the band can spray 40+ times, with each spray lasting 3 seconds. The SprayCare uses a touch-sensitive button on its main-body as a trigger, and an LED indicator lets you know when to recharge the device’s battery. The band comes with an 80mAh battery that’s rechargeable through a MicroUSB port on the side, and a small orifice on the top of the SprayCare lets you refuel its internal vial when it begins running dry.

While the SprayCare is more of a consumer-centric product, it has pretty large implications for people in the service industry. Whether you’re a driver looking to quickly sanitize surfaces inside your car, or a bellhop who wants to disinfect door-handles or elevator buttons, or even a worker at a supermarket trying to swiftly sanitize shopping carts after they’ve been used, the SprayCare seems like the kind of product that literally puts functionality in your hands. The fact that the band lets you use a sanitizer of your own choice gives you the freedom of not being limited to a specific ecosystem, and when the pandemic’s done and dusted (which I hope happens soon enough), the SprayCare can work as a mosquito repellent, a quick perfume diffuser that’s perfect to carry on trips, or potentially even a self-defense tool to deploy pepper spray. The SprayCare band comes in a universal size in four colors (white, black, pink, and navy blue), and ships as early as March 2021.

Designer: Angel Peralta of SprayCare

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SprayCare – World’s First Wristband Atomizer

The SprayCare is a convenient, fashionable and lightweight wearable liquid hand sanitizer dispenser to clean your hands and high traffic surfaces.

Where To Use SprayCare

Latest Generation Atomizer

SprayCare uses one of the latest generation atomizers to electronically spray the disinfectant at the touch of a button. An LED indicator illuminates when it is time to recharge SprayCare so that you are never left unprotected.

SprayCare has the capacity to provide more than 40 applications of disinfectant, and each application runs for a total of 3 seconds. With SprayCare you will be protected throughout the entirety of your day.

Every Shot Can Cover a Surface of 5″ Long

Their atomizer dispenses droplets of sanitizer produces superior coverage. Common sprayers are less practical to sanitize common-use objects primarily because the nozzles produce large drops of the dispensed liquid. These larger drops result in uneven application of the disinfectant and leaves some areas unclean.

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $49 (37% off). Hurry, only 6/95 left!