This multifunctional keyboard is designed to switch from working to gaming with one click!

Modern video games can be played on plenty of different platforms – PC, VR, handheld, streaming, to name just a few. However, gaming hardware that also accommodates computer keyboards is rare. Inspired by the Logitech K380, Elvin Aliyev designed his own gaming keyboard with a built-in controller called Switcheroo that he hopes will bring an entirely new experience for those of us who game as much as we surf the web.

The Switcheroo is the size of a regular QWERTY keyboard and comes with a built-in input control and direction pads in opposite corners, resembling a wider interface of the prototypical game controller. Along the keyboard’s topmost edge, users can find the RB button just above the input control pad and the LB button above the direction pad. Aliyev designed Switcheroo for the occasional gamer who also uses their keyboard for designing and artwork, ideal for those WFH lunch hours that could be spent playing video games instead. To make the keyboard completely portable, Aliyev designed Switcheroo to be battery-operated and Bluetooth-compatible. Enhancing the keyboard’s portable and ergonomic features, Aliyev integrated finger notches on Switcheroo’s backside for easy carrying. While Switcheroo is not a replacement for a full-sized keyboard, it can still be used as one when it is connected to your gaming platform. When using Switcheroo as either a keyboard or game controller, users simply slide a tiny knob, located to the left of and below the input control pad, to indicate their preference and the keyboard adapts accordingly.

Aliyev also incorporated an empty key that designers and 3D software engineers can program themselves to create shortcuts or access hidden features. Situated in the bottom-left part of Switcheroo, Aliyev repositioned the ESC key so that it’s conveniently located next to other frequently used keys for designers and engineers, like the ALT key and his new empty key. Bridging work and play, Aliyev designed a keyboard for the gamer in all of us.

Designer: Elvin Aliyev