This luxurious, solar-powered trailer generates enough electric power to juice-up your towing EV!

2020 has not been easy for travel bugs. Now, as people seek self-sufficient domestic travel options, and demand for campers and RVs skyrocket; luxury travel trailer manufacturer Living Vehicle is giving Americans a way to push their wanderlust with aluminum trailers made specifically for safe and secure time off the grid. Living Vehicle is looking to meet the growing demand for traveling with greater freedom and safety – for this, the company has partnered with Volta Power Systems to offer the largest capacity lithium-ion power system on its residential trailers. This would allow inhabitants to “avoid RV parks and stay anywhere” with minimized emissions, yet enjoying the benefits of all the luxury and comfort of a home.

The new trailers equipped with Volta Power Systems will roll out in 2021. These will feature the highest capacity electric power backup in a luxury camper and will also be accompanied by roof-top solar panels for additional power. The Living Vehicle will be released in three different variants with the Pro model offering up to 3,080 watts of solar and 47,600 watt-hours of energy storage. Other two – Core and Max models – can offer 9,000 watt-hours of energy capacity, 1,320 watts of solar power, and 2,640 watts of solar supply, and 24,000 watt-hours of energy storage respectively. Interestingly, Living Vehicle inhabitants will also be able to use exportable power directly from the trailer to charge their electric bikes and vehicles at rates of up to 44 miles per charge-hour.

Many trailer owners use EVs as companion vehicles to tow their homes, and appreciate it, if they can charge them on the move – as and when required. In addition to the significantly increased power capabilities, the luxurious camper can be included with a mobile office to make it relevant in a coronavirus-stricken environment, where working remotely is the new normal. The 2021 models are a foot longer than the previous Living Vehicle trailers at 29 feet and feature anodized aluminum chassis, and a dramatically folding seven-foot patio deck that sets up on the side of the vehicle. An auto-extending solar awning shades some part of the patio and offers additional roof space for solar panels.

The 2021 Living Vehicle can be customized for different terrains and environments. The trailers can comfortably sleep up to four people. The bedroom has a queen-sized bed and the indoor dining space that seats six can transform into a queen bed by night. Appliances, air conditioning, heater, thermostat, and security are provided in the trailer comprising a spacious kitchen with a full-sized solar-powered refrigerator, optional oven, dishwasher, and plenty of storage. For the more luxury demanding, there is an option to include a spa bathroom and outdoor shower. Starting at $229,995, the Living Vehicle 2021 luxury travel trailers are now available for reservation and should be delivered in early 2021. If you have been wanting a trailer for the most comfortable, off-grid living; your wish may just have been granted in a big way!

Designer: LivingVehicle