Cutting Edge Electric Concept

The Zeleritas electric racing concept by designer Willie Tay combines current & future driving technologies with hard styling into a single passenger roadster with a straight-from-the-track feel. A monocoque carbon fiber body, retractable glass hard top, & exposed wheels give it an Indy car edge while modern features like the HUD active matrix windscreen, paramagnetic body paint, & discreet integrated lights enhance both the visual and driving experiences. One of the most attractive racing designs I’ve seen since the Ford Indigo.

Designer: Willie Tay


  • rdee says:

    too dark.

  • Xavier says:

    ugly… its an amateur’s work made in China

  • My little nephew will enjoy playing with this toy 😛

  • Sergio says:

    this is a current and will always remain “rubbish” in the future!
    Where do they learn this kind of design from?
    They should ask for a refund and sue the school!

  • Picard says:

    This is a classic china design story of multiple references (copied) design on top of each other. The application of the 3D modelling was execute poorly but was saved by photoshop and rendering..

  • NotARaceCar says:

    Race car? It’s a design exercise (and a poor one). Purpose-built race cars don’t use glass. Purpose-built race cars don’t have rear-view cameras looking at police cars chasing them.

    Nothing about this car says “indy car,” either. Nothing. Open wheels don’t mean indy car, it’s about the total layout and package, not one detail. You clearly no nothing about racing, and the designer of this concept clearly knows nothing about racing or design… And probably nothing about electric technologies, either, as you’ve mentioned no specifics. This is a styling exercise that failed at every level.

  • gandg says:

    1. ugly
    2. entering this car will be awkwardly and it will scratch paint on the car
    3. you will never see this car on the street

  • Lars says:

    electric car, eh?
    where’s the spot to recharge it or the car has unlimited supply of electricity when it knocked a police car over like those in the video games?

    the design looks crap and amateurish without understanding the reasons why it is there!
    this is the result of excessive references without having an effort being original

    if i design this car, i be embarrassed to be call a designer

  • McNabb says:

    hahaha… the design a joke
    racing car but looks cartoonishly weird!

    …its electric but serve for one seat only
    …so much for energy saving!

    …if it meant for racing purpose, theres no safety design feature, bumper.. downforce…

    arghhh…..theres too many to comment …..

    to sum up, the work looks like a first year student… confused!

    which design school did they learn from to think in such a way?

  • McPace says:

    Waaa. You guys are a bunch of whiners. I think it has some cool points. And since it’s not for sale, I don’t think it was meant to be hey lets race this next year, it was more for wouldn’t this be cool. And sitting here at my desk on a Monday morning, I thought, yes that would have been cool to drive to work this morning.

  • Mario Cisneros says:

    YD is full of concepts, and some are pure rubbish and still get published. The point is every designer has the right to express his/her vision of the future no matter what this is.
    Race cars as we know them today look the way they do because make use of today’s technology, if many of you open your eyes beyond the next 5 or 10 years you may end up designing something different than today’s racing car clichés full of wings and complex split bodies.
    I am not Chinese not related to this designer at all, but my firm does a lot of design consulting for companies in China, stop throwing crap at China designs, is understandable that they have still a long way to go but have also come a long way, all of you call yourselves designers or design fans but still have your narrow mind about China.
    Very few express positive comments, most are negative, that’s easy, everyone can see the bad.

  • van hal says:

    while all your colleagues drives a proper car
    yours will say “made and design in China”
    imagine that!

  • WZhang says:

    I like that it’s racing against the police, that’s so much more exciting to watch vs. Nascar… The renderings are very nice too.

  • WZhang says:

    yeah, there’s no way that a country with 1,331,460,000 people is going to have any talented designers.. lol.

  • creative says:

    It’s not exactly groundbreaking but still a nice concept

  • Ourbouros says:

    Funny, the doctor said the same thing when you came out.

  • Swiiper says:

    It looks like a duck. Black duck in the night

  • Eddy says:

    make it better and swallow your words it’s easy too spit, hard too probe.
    any time.
    wold like too try had and old bike could work? mmm
    keep making life better tx….

  • photodose says:

    why do concept cars always look like RC-Cars?

  • Tim says:

    Well, for those of you commenting on the author’s racing comments, you should note that his perspective is a little skewed.

    “One of the most attractive racing designs I’ve seen since the Ford Indigo.” Lol!

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