This futuristic modular light fixture is a chandelier you can assemble to suit your interiors!

Even though we’ve been told not to look directly into bright lights, I promise you can’t stop gazing at this beautiful glowing fixture. When I came across the Scintilla X Crosset X Sheppard light collection, I felt like I had been transported into a dystopian future or a luxury spaceship. The design of the fixtures conveys a distinct, futuristic aesthetic with minimal design cues. The individual pieces look a bit like a cross between a diamond and an ice sculpture, two images that connate luxury in the eyes of the world.

A unique quality of this lighting fixture is the customization of its design. The images below show off different configurations of the Scintilla lights, which essentially create various shapes and silhouettes using one modular piece. The pieces can hang loosely like dangling icicles, attach as a halo shaped like a four-leaf-clover, or connect in other ways to suit your style and living space. Your only limitation is your imagination – take these individual shapes and create an artistic shape to give your space an eccentric look or use singular lights individually, creating spot/accent lights to create a cozy yet comfortable space.

The Scintilla fixture is so minimal, yet it is the first thing you notice when you walk into a room. Christmas is coming up right now and one thing is for sure, these lights are in my bucket list!

Designer: Max Leishman

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