Bobby Berk would approve of this modular, wooden cabinet inspired by the phases of the moon!

I love modular, easy-to-assemble furniture that is designed to adapt to your space – big or small. Right now IKEA is the biggest player in this arena but if you dig a little deeper (or just follow Yanko Design, we do the digging for you) then you will find gems like the MOON cabinet – Bobby Berk will 100% approve of this!

This timeless looking piece is crafted from solid wood finished off with rounded corners that give it an organic form. “We got the three elements from deconstructing traditional wooden cabinets and immovable system furniture,” says award-winning furniture designer Chuang. MOON allows the user to have a flexible lifestyle as this one cabinet serves many different purposes thanks to its modular build. You can combine, assemble, and deconstruct it to fit your space or transform it from storage to seating. Just like the phases of the moon, the shape of this cabinet changes to fit different needs – in fact, it has a little circular cutout detail to symbolize that. I love that you can stack it up or take it apart to change the height of the piece as a whole.

It has open storage, cabinet doors as well as closed drawers so you really get every type of compact storage solution in one single furniture design. When not being used for storage, it can serve as a seat and a table too because it has been constructed to bear human weight! MOON is an evergreen, universal, and functional furniture design that maximizes flexibility through minimalism.

Designer: Chia Chun Chuang