This clever corrugated bookend also doubles as an iPad stand!

Here’s proof that a great idea can absolutely uplift something as mundane as a simple piece of sheet metal and turn it into a beautiful product. Made of powder-coated steel sheet, the FCTNDSGN Bookend comes in an ‘L’ shaped form, albeit with one flat end and one corrugated one. This unique form factor isn’t just a stylistic design-choice, it serves a unique purpose too. The flat and corrugated surfaces allow the FCTNDSGN Bookend to work not just as a bookend, but also as a bookstand that lets you prop up anything from hardbound (or even paperback) books, vinyl discs, or even tablets! The multiple corrugations give you the freedom to prop things up at a variety of angles, and with a little creativity, you could even use the Bookends as a cooling-rack for your laptop! The FCTNDSGN Bookends come in four colors – Sea Foam Blue, Teal, Apricot, and Wine.

Designer: FCTNDSGN