A mystifying mist-ifying shower head!


Do you remember the old-timey Windows screensaver called 3D pipes? Imagine turning that incredibly hypnotic graphic into an actual product. That’s the 3D Shower by Duratex for you. This rather “different” looking shower head uses asymmetrically arranged geometric wefts to create a shower head that’s functional, but unique to look at. Designed to look like nothing you’ve ever seen before, the shower head has a modern avatar and tends to leave one curiously observing and plotting the flow of water from its curvy, pipe-esque design. Nothing about the 3D Shower is traditional. Not even its manufacturing technique. Made using 3D printing, the shower head uses thermoplastic resin, giving its quirky shape a different color, material, and finish. All in all, a very memorable product!

The 3D Shower is a winner of the iF Gold Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Duratex