This wearable device creates separation in a shared living space, giving you the focus you need

On the positive side, lockdowns during the pandemic have brought families together. The age-old tradition of having grandparents, parents and children live under a single roof is suddenly more widespread than ever before. That said, the idea of shared living spaces tends to pose a challenge for individuals working from home. This is why, a wearable to create a personal bubble and eliminate external pressure ensuring the user can concentrate better on work, is much required.

Shared living strengthens the family bond and has its own economic benefits. Sadly, there is a challenge to this. It is difficult to attend to individual needs and habits in such a living space. NORA, a neck wearable however is designed to tackle just this. The device allows the wearer to create their own personal cocoon, while family members can continue to live their normal life at home. Imagine, you are on a call with your manager and your kids are driving their mother crazy. You in your zero-disturbance zone created by NORA happen to be completely unaware. This is a scenario NORA eventually intends to make possible.

Designer: Niels van Gils, Yuan Hong and Heinrich Zaunschirm

The device is built with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and comes with a detachable hoodie that along with eliminating ambient noise also creates a visual separation. The hoodie creates a silent space where the user can focus or relax and simply unfold it to reduce the visual partition. For enhanced comfort, the wearable private partition to the outside world, also comes integrated with heating pads for a cozy sense and warmth.

NORA itself is dismantlable for ease of cleaning, repair and customization to your requirement. The infrared heating pads facilitate a person to have a personalized temperature setting, allowing households to save on energy otherwise necessary to heat the entire room. With its feature-packed design, NORA is made as a long-lasting solution for the privacy and comfort of all people in the house.