LG, the tech company, is now making ‘smart-tables’ that can purify air

Air purifiers look boring… so why not turn them into functional furniture pieces?

Although it seems unlikely for a company like LG to dabble in the furniture space, their functional furniture line Aero makes a tad bit of sense. Unveiled at IFA 2022 being held in Berlin, LG’s Aero “blurs the line between beautiful furniture and advanced air purifier, offering a design that can be tailored to meet individual preferences, 360-degree air purification and user-friendly features”, the company said.

Designer: LG

Meet the PuriCare Objet Collection Aero Furniture series (or Aero for short), a set of table-shaped air purifiers from LG. Designed to work as a 360-degree air purifier, the Aero can be placed pretty much anywhere in your room, and comes armed with LG’s Ultra-fine filter, Dust Collector Filter, and Deodorization Filter, ensuring clean air is delivered all across your room. The table comes in three color variants and in both oblong or round shapes.

Although, calling the PuriCare Objet Collection Aero Furniture series just a table-shaped air purifier would be somewhat of a disservice. The Memphis 2.0-ish furniture pieces also have built-in mood lights and even the ability to charge your phone/earbuds using a disc-shaped integrated wireless charging zone on the tabletop surface. Wattage on the wireless charging hasn’t yet been specified, although LG did mention that the purifier can be controlled using a series of buttons on the underside of the table’s surface, while the mood light itself can be operated using the LG ThinQ app. My biggest concern, however, remains the fact that even though the table’s designed to be centrally located in a room, chances are it’ll need to be connected to a power outlet (given its obvious functions), resulting in a wire running from the table all the way to the nearest switchboard.

Personally, the Aero isn’t the kind of furniture I’d have in my own home, although I get the appeal of deviating from the boring, ugly, air purifier template. Earlier last year, IKEA unveiled the STAKRVIND, an air purifying side-table with a more domestic-driven aesthetic, and in 2020, Sauberair unveiled a 3.5″ inch thick air purifier that disguised itself as wall-mounted art!