This stackable + portable fiberglass table-chair combo takes convenience of home office to the garden

Working from home has helped abate long commutes and undue office distraction from our schedule, but it has eventually made us less social (if you know what I mean). Working alone at home, sitting by the same wall – no matter the congenial work environment you have tried to create – you’re still devoid of what’s going on beyond the zoom meetings and co-working software. Folding furniture has been the first choice for many professionals considering its space-saving functionality but stackable furniture with all-weather durability is going to outpace the former. Presenting a likable option in that space, industrial designer Gökçe Nafak has conceived the uuma portable table and chair combo, which is delivered in one stackable unit you can use in multiple setting both indoors and outdoors.

During the work from home regime, there may be times when you want to move to the balcony/garden and work while soaking in some sun. It seems easy with the choice of outdoor furniture, but if you have tried – you know – meeting the comfort of the workstation outside is not possible, and you end up cutting the adventure short, only to return to the more efficient work environment. With the umma the scenario is alterable. You can have a comfortable seat that can raise or lower on demand and can be clipped open to reveal a height-adjustable table. This table and chair can then be equally comfortable whether you choose to place it outside or inside in your home-office nook. This means, with uuma you can work wherever and whenever you can find the right motivation and creativity you need for your work.

This portable table and chair combo is made from fiberglass, which offers the unit its much-needed portability and durability. Fiberglass by virtue is a sustainable and pretty affordable material, it is also lightweight and robust in nature. The customizable furniture unit comprises four parts primarily that can be removed or put together with minimum know-how. The modular parts of the uuma include a height-adjustable metal leg – forming the central frame – and the lower and upper table layers.

Made in three bright colors to match the modern interiors, uuma comes strapped up in a nylon band, which can be clipped open to unveil the magic. With a subtle move, you can have a chair with a storage compartment, which when needed can be disassembled to deliver a table from within – a table and a chair combo was never so conveniently available!

Designer: Gökçe Nafak