This off-road trailer with a rooftop deck and a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen makes for the perfect deck party experience!

Lying comfortably under the stars with your fav people you enjoy spending time with is an experience unparalleled. But when you contemplate camping, the thought of wind and elements rattling you out of your slumber are thoughts that begin to mar the experience even before you’ve tread off the beaten path. To falsify that assumption, and to make an experience worth every bit of your time – a Southern Californian company RKS has designed and developed the Purpose off-road trailer with a rooftop deck where you can party during the day, and pitch a two men tent by the night!

RKS has hand-crafted a durable and lightweight Purpose camping trailer to take the outdoor enthusiasts way beyond the limitations of the tarred roads. Trading the wooden façade for an all-aluminum honeycomb paneled body, this 17-foot 3-inch trailer is designed to provide adventurists ultimate luxury and solitude simultaneously. The walls on the inside are insulated with memory foam, windows are covered with shades, and the comfortable queen-sized memory foam mattress is provided to sleep in coziness indoors. It measures 4-foot 3-inches high at the sleeping area and near the entrance, whereas the trailer pops open with four windows for view and ventilation that rises to 7 feet.

Under the pop-up roof is the entryway and bathroom – the latter featuring a ceramic macerator toilet and a shower that extends to the outside. The roof can be accessed by the interior steps or from the outside, it has a load capacity of 453kg – so rooftop parties are going to be unimaginably fun. The trailer is ideal for a couple but if you need extra sleeping space – you can climb up and pitch the rooftop tent. An excellent off-grid trailer with 210mAh Li-ion battery, 210 Watt solar panel – the Purpose is fitted with a 70 gallons freshwater and 25 gallons gray water tanks.

On the sides are mounts for adventure gear, bicycle, or surfboard – most exciting yet is the fully-equipped L-shaped outdoor kitchen. It is accessed by lifting up the rear wall of the trailer and swiveling out a hinged door featuring the LP-gas stove and a countertop. On the other half are a mini-fridge and a full-sized sink with a pull-down faucet. Starting at a base price of $39,900, the Purpose trailer has what it takes to craft a new off-road-trailer market for itself, presenting the outdoorsy an option to lift the tent off the dirt to the rooftop for a stylish mobile adventure.

Designer: RKS OffRoad