Plug and Glow

The verSTECKlichT is a quick solution to providing a subtle glow to any area imaginable. The super-simple design consists of a single socket and plug, both covered by wooden caps, and a neon glowing ring accent. Connect to any outlet for instantaneous illumination that you can hang from the ceiling, dangle on the wall, or rest on a flat surface.

Designer: Modell-N


  • Quintin says:

    These things have been available for decades. Just not with wooden caps.

    Also, I haven’t seen a power socket on the ceiling anywhere…

  • digi_owl says:

    reminds me more of a jury-rig than high design…

  • Kid says:

    Made a set of these from the basics at my local hardware store for about $20 – minus the wooden cap. Try building the prototype to check it out in context as opposed to a render. It will always look and hang differently in real life.

    Maybe an interchangeable screw thread contact/outlet prong to allow for ceiling hanging where outlets aren’t as accessible? Or a hexagonal wooden cap base to prevent it from rolling when placed on a table? I dig the glowing red inlay around the bulb though.

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