A removable pillbox + water bottle so you’ll never forget to take your daily supplements

Back in 2018, Joop Opmeer, the young inventor behind the YOS bottle, noticed how his mother would forget to take her medications on time, sometimes skipping an entire day. It’s a task that’s easy to forget, but one that can have serious health consequences depending on the necessity of that medication. However, Joop’s mother isn’t the only one making these mistakes. In his home country, The Netherlands, 68% of people who take daily supplements or medication forget at least once a month. To make their lives slightly more convenient, Joop designed a portable pillbox that someone would be less likely to forget. This was the inspiration for the YOS bottle.

YOS, which stands for Your Organized Supplements, is a reusable water bottle with a detachable pill holder. The bottle holds 375ml and the pillbox has seven compartments (labeled for each day of the week). Although, if the containers are too small, YOS offers a larger, 4-compartment box as an alternative. The bottles also come in four vibrant colors, so you’ll want to take it everywhere you go. They are also dishwasher safe, which adds to their convenience.

The YOS is more than a clever, functional product. The company itself has a mission that buyers will feel good about supporting. First, YOS products are made with recyclable materials, helping to reduce waste and promote sustainability.  Second, a portion of their sales goes to a research foundation for pancreatic cancer research. So, in addition to getting a useful product, you are also supporting a business that helps its community.

Personally, as a younger person who doesn’t take daily medication, I still think this product would be useful in my life. For instance, refillable water bottles have grown more popular as more people decide to reduce their environmental footprint, especially within my age demographic. Also, I frequently hike and take boxing classes, and I may need an Advil if I overexert myself. Or, more likely, I would use the pillbox as a snack compartment, especially for trail mix. So, you can see that although the YOS bottle caters specifically to individuals who take supplements, its appeal is universal. After all, we all need water to survive.

Designer: Joop Opmeer

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