This cat-friendly tiny house is a double decker, solar-powered design that keeps you happily off-grid!

Architects construct houses according to the needs and wishes of their clients. The structural shape, the window arches, and the door frame all come into question. Sometimes that client is a cat. The designers with Build Tiny recently built and completed a tiny house in October of 2020 called Cyril House, which was warmly named after the (human) client’s grandfather who loved tiny houses. The tiny house has all the perks we’ve come to expect and enjoy inside the walls of tiny homes, but Cyril House was also built for cats.

Coming in at 8 x 2.7 m, with a steel frame and aluminum exterior, the Cyril House is a double-decker one-bedroom with a full-size kitchen, lounge area, bathroom, and home office. Resting on a double-axle trailer, this tiny home comes with a high ceiling that opens up the tiny home even further for you and your feline friend. Mounted between the office and the loft bedroom, carpeted shelves stagger between one another for your cat to traverse while you study or get work done in the home office upstairs. Across the way, you’ll find the main queen-sized bedroom with plenty of storage space and even a hollowed-out rectangular space so that you can get ready for your day without hitting your head against the ceiling. Moving down the ladder to the living area of the tiny house, the full-sized kitchen is outfitted with a built-in gas heater, dishwasher, four-burner gas stovetop, oven, full-sized refrigerator, and plenty of storage space and pantries.

Then, continuing through a cavity sliding door, into the bathroom, you’ll find plenty of floor space for your cat’s litterbox as the designers at Build Tiny designed the bathroom to optimize its overall space, so that homeowners can enjoy spacious showers and plenty of room for hygienic routines. Residents can also dry off comfortably inside the shower even on the coldest of mornings thanks to the heat-retention capabilities of the integrated shower dome. The designers also installed a Natureshead composting toilet inside the bathroom to enhance the tiny house’s overall commitment to sustainability. Just outside the bathroom, Build Tiny integrated a solar storage cupboard into one of the home’s side facades, so that excess solar energy can be stored with you instead of sending it back to the grid. In addition to the energy-efficient, integrated solar energy panels, there are plans for a future fireplace to heat the home from the living room’s corner and a gas califont provides hot water for the tiny home. You and your cat will feel right at home inside of this very big, tiny home.

Designer: Build Tiny