Wonka Seat

The word luxury is more a fluid concept than some absolute definition. My definition of luxury will most probably differ completely from that of say an Inuit Tribesman living above the arctic circle. We are used to seeing some luxurious elements mixed together, but only in our general idea of proper context. eg., a Cadillac interior would have associative luxurious elements such as rich wood, hand stitched leather and polished metals. Yet, we would not qualify these elements as luxury in a bathroom. In the same respect, we would never expect to see marble or fine porcelain in a Cadillac. There is however, an element that we can all agree is luxurious, no matter what the context. Not one but two different movies with Johnny Depp have been made to celebrate this ultimate luxury. Designer Adele Rotella has masterfully created this super sensuous seat called “Sciocolà”, that teases us with our rich, creamy passions for chocolate…. oh yeah, and some pretty nice wood. Did I mention this thing looks like chocolate? Three kinds of chocolate! The dark chocolate areas are beautifully made from Wengé wood, while the milk chocolate areas are made from Rosewood and last but certainly not least, the white chocolate balances it all off with Ahorn wood. All the cubes of wooden chocolate are independent to each other, inviting us to interact and pretend we are in Willy Wonka’s waiting room.

Designer: Adele Rotella