This portable UV sanitizer uses an origami system to fold down to the size of a notepad

It’s an undeniable reality that UV-sanitizers are now a thing and I won’t be surprised if they become a standard in public places like hospitals, hotels, offices, banks, etc… however, the Deep Purple UV Sanitizer makes a case for having your own personal UV sanitization-station wherever you go.

Unlike other UV sanitizers we’ve featured here on YD, the Deep Purple’s core focus is portability. Designed to be lightweight, foldable, and operated by an external power-bank (or your phone charger, for that matter), the Deep Purple lets you carry your object sanitizer with you wherever you go, so you can quickly sanitize objects like your glasses, keys, AirPods, phone, wallet, face-mask, or even office stationery in just under 4 minutes.

The Deep Purple UV Sanitizer is principally the same as other UV-powered sanitizers, but its prime feature is its innovative portable design. Made with a high-quality vegan leather exterior, the Deep Purple employs origami-inspired foldable walls that collapse inwards, going from a box-shaped sanitization-station to a flat-packed device you can easily slip into your bag. The transformation takes mere seconds, which means it’s easy to set up or pack up the Deep Purple before or after you travel. The flat, envelope-shaped design opens up into a chamber that’s large enough for all your EDC, and an internal reflective system (coupled with a transparent LumiClear platform on the base) helps the UV light reach into every surface of your devices, sanitizing them in 360° without any blind spots. The Deep Purple comes equipped with UV-C LEDs that last up to 10 times longer than UV lamps, and two built-in fail-safes that allow the UV lights to shut the instant you open the lid.

Ultimately, the Deep Purple offers a more effective and safer way to your items germ-free than constantly spraying them down with disinfectant. The built-in LEDs are much better and non-toxic alternative to the mercury-based UV lamps built into most chargers. The portability of the Deep Purple UV Sanitizer is coupled by a robust construction too, durable enough to carry anywhere you go… to work, the grocery store, the office, or even over to a friend’s house. If you’re not entirely convinced, a pretty neat 10-year Global Warranty on the product should really seal the deal!

Designer: Moshi

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Deep Purple™ – Origami-style Foldable & Portable UV Sanitizer

The Deep Purple is a folding UV sanitizer which cleans a full 360°, giving your devices an all-over clean anywhere, anytime.

Features & Benefits

360-degree Cleaning – Other UV sanitizers only clean the topside of your device, which means you still need to touch it when flipping it over to clean the other side. Moshi’s Deep Purple™ UV Sanitizer offers 360-degree cleaning. The transparent LumiClear™ platform elevates your device and features an ultra-reflective Teflon base to ensure every surface is sanitized.

Folds Flat. Goes Anywhere – Deep Purple™ UV Sanitizer features an ultra-thin form factor that folds up neatly and slides into a bag, backpack, or suitcase so you can take it with you anywhere.

The Power of Portability – Using the included USB cable, Deep Purple can be powered by a wall adapter, car charger, or portable battery to give you ultimate cleaning freedom in coffee shops, parks, hotels, and everywhere in between.

If It Fits, Clean It – We touch a lot of gadgets, accessories, and personal items throughout the day. Deep Purple™ fits a range of different-sized items and give them a thorough, all-over clean in minutes.

Use it Everywhere – Thanks to its portable design, you can take Deep Purple with you to use almost anywhere including the office, restaurants, parks, airports, airplanes, train stations, workshops, and road trips.

Visual Sanitization Indicator – With traditional UV sanitizers, there’s no way to really know if sanitization was truly effective, giving you no choice but to believe their claim. Deep Purple’s UV indicator contains UV-reactive paint which changes color with exposure to UV-C rays, providing visible proof that the interior has been exposed to a sufficient quantity of UV light.

How Deep Purple Work

Deep Purple uses LEDs which emit UV type-C (UV-C) rays with short wavelengths.

The UV rays are emitted from LED lights inside Deep Purple, which are reflected around the interior for all-over coverage.

UV light works by disrupting the structure of microbial cells, making them unable to reproduce or multiply.

Anti-microbial Testing Results and Certification

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $150 ($30 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!