The Mantis Chair

Wildetect’s Mantis Chair takes inspiration from the African wilderness, adopting the form of one of its iconic creatures, the giant praying mantis. Admittedly, a certain level of comfort was sacrificed in the design, but its wild, sculptural aesthetic ensures it to be the primary focal point of any room.

Designer: Wildetect


  • Allanbritto says:

    not functional, but yet creative!

  • James says:

    It’s a good starting point for an eccentric chair but here’s a few thoughts. Show someone actually sitting on it. Bare wood does not look comfortable, you have to make it practical as well so cover it all with fabric, a cushioned seat, adorn the thing to make it spectacular! And then put it in a room so we can see how it would embellish it. It’s a good start though, keep going.

  • carrie woolley says:

    highly creative……love the african continent shape of back rest. concept is unique and exciting…hopefully you will be able to tweak it into a fully functional and comfortable art piece chair.

  • Chris Brown says:

    Well done Q, looks as if it rocks!

  • tracey d says:

    Hi Q – the more I think of the concept the more amazing it becomes. Like it very much but as one comment said, make it more comfy looking with cushioning maybe. Some people will love the crazy feeling of being the mantis “next meal”. Which noo- noo comes next – the options are endless (about 800 000). Excellent idea – keep going.

  • quen reed says:

    I like-agree with more comfortable seat-but don’t pad the backrest you’ll lose the mantis head. Backrest might need more support behind (could break)OR make backrest/head bigger & padded, being bigger you’ll still keep the shape. Hinge at armrests/mantis elbow,also steel pipe to match other hardware (close ends so no sharp edges)The elbow could be more forward to be used as armrests, maby padded as well — very unusual/african, nice one quin

  • Sabelo Nethe says:

    Well done Quinton, things are moving forward and you will offer a unique and unrivalled opportunity to network with the decision makers active in the world.

    Kind regards

    Sabelo Nethe

  • joe g says:

    hi Quin

    overall look and design looks awesome. i agree with the comment of showing the chair with someone in it. i also think it should be padded for more comfort but in a way that it doesn’t lose its shape and simplicity. also quinton. the finishing of the bolts could be more refined, i.e. use closed nuts to hide the sawn off bolts. one question, is it adjustable? it is nontheless an awesome creation! well done quin!

  • Paul Giloi says:

    Well done Quin. Exotic. The mantis project comes to life.

  • carol db says:

    Well done Q, looks like you could sit in it and it would walk you around the jungle……

  • Reminds me of a Meccano set. Sitting in the belly of the beast ready to be pounced on. I like the rawness of it all. Padding / painting it will effect its unique styling and for me will lose the appeal. Quinton for me personally this is great design!

  • Patrick says:

    Innovative and original with great potential to expand the range. Cool idea and design.

  • Nathalie says:

    where can i buy one?

  • Howard says:

    c’mon!! I don’t care what anyone say…This chair is an AWESOME work of furniture art! I want one!

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