This smart indoor microgarden automatically grows your herbs and microgreens for you

I’ll be honest, the fact that you can literally press buttons on your screen and have a cheeseburger at your doorstep makes eating healthy a bit of a challenge. It’s objectively easier to say “Hey Alexa, order me some Kung Pao Chicken” than it is to get up, do a grocery run, and then cook your food at home, but the tablefarm promises to make eating healthy a whole lot more convenient.

The tablefarm is exactly what its name suggests. A tabletop garden that grows your food for you… but not just any food. The tablefarm’s focus is on microgreens, which are provably more nutrient-rich than actual veggies, packing as much as 10 to 40 times more nutrition in their small leaves and stems. If you’re wondering what microgreens are, they’re vegetables and herbs harvested just as they develop their first set of true leaves in about 7 to 10 days. They contain just as many vitamins and minerals as they would as full-grown plants — or even more, and are ridiculously easy and quick to grow… so much so that the tablefarm literally does it for you. Designed to be an autonomous planter that takes care of every aspect of the plant’s growth cycle, the tablefarm comes with a water-reservoir that automatically waters your plants, and a sunlight-mimicking LED panel that enables photosynthesis.

Designed to be as small as a fruit-basket, the tablefarm can fit on any tabletop counter (you don’t even need to keep it near a window). The farm comes with its own set of ‘seed pads’ that just need to be placed on top of the water reservoir. All you do is then make sure the tablefarm is plugged in, and that the water reservoir is always filled, and the device takes care of the rest, giving you nutritious microgreens in under a week! The seed-pads are 100% biodegradable and have absolutely no pesticides… besides, there’s no soil involved, keeping the entire process dirt and mess-free, and all you need to do is prune the greens off every couple of days and either use as garnish for your food, or just shove into that mouth-hole if you fancy yourself some sprouts to munch on! You can choose from as many as 6 seed-pad varieties, with a 95% guaranteed sprout-rate so it doesn’t really matter whether you’re great at farming or taking care of plants. That really shouldn’t be a barrier between you and healthy-living, now should it??

Designer: TruVenturo

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tablefarm — The Smart Indoor Microgarden

tablefarm is the smart indoor microgarden that is designed to grow microgreens, effortless and hassle-free.

All Microgreens Are Tiny Superfoods & Why We Need Them

Microgreens are vegetables and herbs harvested just as they develop their first set of true leaves in about 7 to 10 days. They are small in size and yet packed with macro and micronutrients. With homegrown microgreens, you will avoid all the bad GMOs, pesticides, and plastic waste. They contain just as many vitamins and minerals as they would as full-grown plants. Additionally, these tiny powerhouses, are also just a lot of fun to add to your dishes and experiment within the kitchen. They come in all different colors, flavors, and shapes.

Patent Pending System

The watering system and seed pad combination creates a symbiotic relationship. Together, they provide perfect water delivery for an optimal growing environment. No under-watering or over-watering anymore.

Passive Watering System

Automatic LED Grow Lighting

Seed Pads

Their seeds are organic and professional-grade. They come with a 95% sprout rate and are biodegradable as well as pesticide-free. The seed pads are produced solely from virgin, sustainably-sourced raw materials. They contain no pathogens, no GMOs, or plastic waste.

Selection of Available Seeds

How to Use tablefarm

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $199 (50% off). Raised over $125,000.