This minimal IKEA-worthy cabinet doubles up as an ergonomic desk for your home office

A beautiful minimal piece of furniture can complete a room. It can be the final piece that makes a space come full circle, building a comfortable and cohesive haven, rather than a random area. Furniture pieces make or break a home, they add on to the essence or soul of a home, hence one needs to be extremely picky while choosing a furniture design. The design should be a reflection of you, and what you want your home to be. When you place a piece of furniture in a room, it should instantly integrate with the space, creating a wholesome and organic environment. And if it’s minimal, and super functional then it checks all the boxes for me! And an excellent example of such a design is the Kabinett.

Designer: Alexander Lervik and Adea

Conceptualized by Stockholm-based designer Alexander Lervik and manufactured by Finnish furniture manufacturer Adea, the Kabinett is a minimal and sturdy cabinet designed for modern home offices…that also doubles up as a work desk! Kabinett is a part of Adea’s Smartwork range, and it aims to function as an ergonomic set-up for home offices. While functioning as an efficient work table, Kabinett also serves as a rather stylish and elegant dresser.

“At first glance, Kabinett looks like a regular cabinet. But it has built-in features that allow it to be transformed into an entirely different piece of furniture The innovation lies in its function. From a piece of furniture that doesn’t look like a table, you get a work table that can be raised and lowered. I’ve placed great emphasis on making it both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic. Your body shouldn’t be in pain because you’re working from home,” said Lervik. And it’s true when you first look at Kabinett, you assume it’s quite a simple old cabinet, but it’s only when you examine deeper, do you realize that its functionality is mighty and neatly concealed.

Kabinett measures 69 centimeters in height and comes in three different formats – Basic, Laptop, and Screenlift. All three formats have been equipped with adjustable tabletops. All in all, the Kabinett by Lervik and Adea is a smart furniture design whose functionality runs deeper than it seems. Its minimal aesthetics are a plus point since this allows the furniture to seamlessly merge with all kinds of home offices.