The world’s first travel cutlery set that comes with its own portable spray-based dishwasher!

Nobody’s ever had the foresight to consider that the majority of people prefer disposable cutlery sets for not one, but for TWO reasons. The idea that people don’t like to carry home cutlery with them because they aren’t inherently portable is arguably just one half of the argument. The other half (and a bigger one if you ask me), is that people don’t want to carry their own cutlery because it isn’t easy to clean it after you’re done.

The Cliffset tackles both these issues with equal importance. Designed to be a reusable travel cutlery set with a difference, the Cliffset doesn’t just focus on portability, it focuses on maintenance too, by being perhaps the only cutlery set I’ve seen that comes with its own cleaning tool to clean up after you’re done eating! Everything fits in a portable pouch that’s small enough to fit in your pocket or slip into a backpack, and is designed to be carried everywhere you go and be cleaned and reused over and over again, giving you the comfort of knowing that you’re using your OWN cutlery (as opposed to using cutlery in restaurants) made from reusable materials, which you don’t need me to tell you is a much better option compared to the use-and-throw plastic cutlery that pollutes our planet and oceans.

Like most traditional travel cutlery sets, the Cliffset opts for a stainless-steel construction. The flatware kit comes with your standard spoon, fork, and knife, complete with powder-coated handles that give them a pop of color. Its pièce de résistance, however, is the inclusion of a tiny, portable water-spray that lets you clean your cutlery after you use it. The spray sits inside a plastic housing that’s designed to help easily scrape food off your flatware too. Curved corners help clean the spoon out, while ridges on the top let you wipe in between the grooves of a fork – all you need is to wrap a napkin around the tip of the cleaning tool to effectively scrape any final bits of dried stubborn food. The spray aids further in the cleaning process with a cleansing spritz of household, alcohol-based solutions. Cliffset suggests using your own pure lemon extract- ingredients: alcohol, water, and lemon oil. Just spritz your cutlery before and after wiping them down and you’ve effectively got yourself a clean set that you can reuse easily… a feature that works WONDERS when you’re outdoors for a weekend and you need to eat multiple meals! No more carrying greasy utensils or forgetting cutlery in the wash at home.

Designers: Cliffset & Impel Studio

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $45 (35% off). Hurry, only 30/525 left!

Cliffset – A Case for Clean Eating

The Cliffset is a portable, personal cutlery set that comes with its own dishwasher.

Cliffset fits your on-the-go lifestyle with anywhere-clean eating in a compact yet durable case.

Their custom-contoured scraping tool works like it’s made for their cutlery—because it is. The ridges fit right between Cliffset’s fork tines to scrape off every last bit of uneaten food, while the straight and curved edges are perfect matches for Cliffset’s knife and spoon.

The cleaning tool doubles as a sprayer to be refilled with your favorite no-rinse cleaning solutions. You can use something like pure lemon extract, a food-safe, no-rinse solution that’s perfect for on-the-go cleaning. It’s ingredients: alcohol, water, and lemon oil- that’s it.

Let’s Review

The cleaning tool stays clean as well. They ruled out brushes, bristles, and textured scrubbing surfaces as they tend to entrap food particles.

Rather than the typical camping centric cutlery set, Cliffset is designed for everyday settings such as fast-casual restaurants, food trucks, and picnics where napkins are not accessible.

Best practice, the cleaning tool serves as a rigid edge underneath your napkin to scrape that last bit of dried up food (which will form during engaging lunch conversations). The tool houses a refillable sprayer for a final spritz of household, alcohol-based, no-rinse cleaning solutions (more on that below). Cliffset thus stays clean and ready for your next meal and adventure.

Infinitely Reusable

Made from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel with powder-coated handles, Cliffset can stand up to anything from dishwashers to petrified hummus. Durable. Sustainable. Portable. And exceptionally tasteful.

Get Lunch. Get Clean. Get Moving.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $45 (35% off). Hurry, only 30/525 left!