Close, But Not What You Might Think

Folderfolder takes inspiration from the universally recognizable symbol of organization, the file folder. While most folders are made of dispensable stock paper, the design stands out in leather with an elegant stitch border, indicating its special use. It opens to reveal blank note pages and a nifty pocket for storing other documents and also features an open loop at the tab for keeping a pen handy. It’s easy to refill and durable enough that you’ll keep it forever.

Designer: Yongjin Kim


  • Molly says:

    How is this innovative? or inspired? These things have been around and in use since the 40’s! In leather of many colors, with paper, and a holder for your pen; there is nothing new here.
    Unless, of course, you don’t know anything about what’s been done already.
    Do your homework before you “invent” the wheel!

  • Rebecca says:

    I have a folder just like this that was rested in the 1940s that I got in a thrift store. Not exactly innovation…

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