This modern colorful charcoal BBQ grill works for your terrace parties & even outdoor adventures

Compact and colorful BBQ grills fashioned for terraces and smaller backyards are hard to come by. So, when we stumble upon something in this periphery, we can’t help but stop by and appreciate the idea. Designed first to stick out in the Moroccan markets before flying abroad, the Skara’B Barbecue by Fours Afifi – a local studio focused on designing grills that are discrete yet attractive – is just one to pin your hopes on.

Envisioned as a simple BBQ that would stand upright in competition for its aesthetic design, Skara’B Barbecue proudly showcases Moroccan craftsmanship in its appeal, made possible in collaboration with avant-garde Moroccan designer Mahdi Naim. The moniker Skara’B is derived from the Scarab – a form of beetle that holds symbolic relevance in ancient Egyptian religion – and according to Fours Afifi, is known for its heat resistant properties. The hexagonally-shaped BBQ grill stands just about a meter tall and has 60cms x 60cms of cooking area. The charcoal-fired Skara’B Barbecue has a stainless steel base, which houses a cylindrical steel ash-catcher facilitating clean and hassle-free BBQ sessions on the terrace or backyard.

For convenience and portability, the design team intends to include the barbecue with an attachable table and include a carrying case so you can take it wherever your outdoorsy lifestyle leads you. The grill already features anti-corrosive wheels for maneuvering it around and comes with an adjustable, stainless steel valve for controlling the heat levels. Sorry, there is no option to control temperature and other tad-bits using the phone – this grill basically takes you back in time where grilling sessions were less about the recipe and more about the time you spent with peeps around it with a glass of wine in the hand.

The idea of Skara’B is incomplete without discussing the fun part – the colors – the BBQ grill is available in red, blue, yellow, and fuchsia colorways. The compact grill is now available in Morocco and is expected to ship internationally in the spring of 2021. Hold on to your monochrome grill for a little longer before the Skara’B is ready to fly over to your backyard and spread some cheerful colors.

Designer: Mahdi Naim