The Superglue chair revisits how chairs should be perceived


One seat, two armrests, one backrest, four legs. These elements come together to make a chair, and whether you perceive them together or individually, there’s a fairly large chance you’ll know you’re looking at a chair/seating-device.

That isn’t quite the case with the Superglue chair by Dmitry Kozinenko. Comprised of 3 sheet metal parts joined together by flat rivets, you’d never guess that they would come together to form a chair. Even when they do come together, it’s difficult to isolate which part plays what role, only because the chair’s unique design allows it to function as a chair without visually conforming to the standards of chair-design. The Superglue chair does have a seat and backrest, which are quite suitably comfortable, thanks to their concave design. In fact, you’ve even got two armrests on either side of the seating area. The chair’s backrest is fortified by the two steel sheets riveted together, and the chair stays extremely stable, thanks to the third sheet steel member that doesn’t come shaped in the form of 4 legs, but rather provides, in its own unique way, a total of six contact points (three edges) between the chair and the floor.

Designer: Dmitry Kozinenko