Only If You Don’t Care About The Minutes

As a full-fledge time-telling device the Re-clock is an unfinished business. It has no minutes or method for indicating how many minutes have passed during the hour. But what makes the concept post-worthy is the way it tells you the hours though the layers of cloth-face. Before you rush in to tell me “Design Fail”; how about coming up with an alternate solution, that will keep the integrity of fading in and out of the hours intact and still communicate the minutes as stylishly.

Designers: Lin Cheng-Han, Chung Yu-Hsun, Cheng Yu-Ting & Chen Shaw-Chen


Re-clock Clock Concept by Lin Cheng-Han, Chung Yu-Hsun, Cheng Yu-Ting & Chen Shaw-Chen




  • Szily says:

    Damn, even the presentation it is messed up. On the second picture they are two times 9p.m.. One of it I presume it should be 3p.m.!!! If you are designin something “not so util” at least make an awesome presentation!!!

  • HermanVanRompuy says:

    Solution for the minutes:
    How about a little dot that rotates under the cloth and acts as a minute-indicator?

  • Kong says:

    Have the number fade according to the minutes. Let’s say it’s a quarter passed, then a quarter of the number is gone. Half passed, then half the number is gone. You can do it exactly to the min, but if that’s too hard just do quarters. People should be able to estimate the time according to the fade.

  • Tony says:

    I would personally always have the number in front as the active hour, never have the number afterwards popped up. So at any hour on the dot it’s number will be up all the others won’t, then out the back of the number in increments (6 minutes and 10 places) put a number up.

    So 3pm, just 3.
    3:06pm, 3 and 2.
    3:30pm, 3 ,2 ,1 ,12 ,11, 10

    people can comprehend up to a certain amount of numbers at a time, I think it’s 7. Oh well just a suggestion as I wouldn’t buy this clock as it stands but definately like the idea if it had minutes too

  • GL says:

    Maybe a interesting idea if it was executed better but impractical nonetheless.

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