This smart-speaker is the ultimate kitchen assistant, helping you make shopping lists and curate recipes

Here’s a product that solves a bunch of problems smart fridges could not. The Foody, by Salvo Lo Cascio is a kitchen-specific smart speaker concept that does practically everything like help you plan shopping lists, choose healthier ingredients, keep track of items you’ve bought and their expiration date, curate recipes based on the stuff you’ve got in your fridge and pantry, and guide you through your cook, with timers and instructions to help you whip up delicious meals.

The Foody looks like most smart-speakers, but comes with a few crucial design details that set it apart. While it is, in spirit, a smart speaker, perhaps the most interesting detail on the device is a circular display on the top that slides from left to right. Apart from acting as a screen for viewing things like recipe-thumbnails and cooking times, the display also acts as a switch that lets you tell the Foody speaker what’s in your pantry versus what isn’t. A camera sits at the central position of the circular slider, allowing you to scan the items you purchase. When you buy an item, keep the slider-display towards the left and scan the item to tell Foody you just bought it. When you run out, slide the display to the left and scan it again to let the smart speaker know you’ve consumed it. By scanning the product, Foody also creates an estimate of when it’ll expire, giving you a rough idea of by when you should consume the food.

Its pantry-managing chops aside, the speaker works as a recipe-curating device too! Once it accurately identifies what you’ve got in your pantry, the Foody generates recipes for dishes based on your stock. Conversely, if you’re missing a few items, the speaker can ask you to add it to your shopping list, or allow you to order it through a voice command. When all the ingredients are there and ready, the smart-speaker guides you through the recipes with background narrations as well as a kitchen timer so that your food is cooked to absolute perfection! Bon Appetit!

Designer: Salvo Lo Cascio