An air purifier small enough to fit in your pocket, with a purification system that rivals Dyson

Technology hasn’t just allowed products to grow smaller, it’s made them more powerful too. Your iPhone is a fraction of the size of a landline, but can to a million more things than just make and receive calls. In fact, even air-purifiers have become smaller and sleeker over the years… We just covered a domestic purifier that was as thin as a framed painting a few days back. The 6GCool, however, takes things to a different level. Designed to be the size of a bar of soap, the 6GCool is the world’s first portable air purifier with a patented 4-step purification method. Within its tiny format sits HEPA + Ionizer + UV Light + TiO2 filtering technologies that deliver a focused beam of 99% clean air. And when you’re done, the air-purifier fits right into your pocket!

Call it a weird coincidence that the 6GCool released at a year where air quality and contamination were at their worst levels yet. The designers behind the 6GCool set out to make a product that would serve more of a niche purpose (in polluted cities, or for people with allergies). The product development took a few years, and then the pandemic and wildfires hit around the same time, making the 6GCool more relevant than ever.

You’re probably asking one crucial question though… why do we need a PORTABLE air purifier if we’ve got one at home? Let’s really look at the example I gave you of the iPhone being better than your landline. The same way the smartphone untethers you and gives you the freedom to communicate with anyone anywhere (and not be bound to your landline), the 6GCool lets you take pure air with you. Whether it’s in your car, in a café, in your workplace (which may or may not have an air purifier), or anywhere your at-home purifier doesn’t benefit you. The 6GCool is pocket-sized, but packs a punch, with HEPA and PECO filtration technologies. It comes with a front-facing air-inlet, that pulls air you’d normally breathe into it… and an upward-facing exhaust that pushes pure air towards you, when you carry the purifier on your person by either strapping it to your clothes, holding it in your hand, wearing it around your neck, or suspending it by your shoulder-bag.

Fitted inside the 6GCool is perhaps one of the most interesting pieces of air-purifying innovation yet. The reason I say this is because companies like Dyson are working hard to scale down their tech to a portable format (they’ve patented wearable purifiers but haven’t announced anything yet), although the 6GCool shows that this is, in fact, possible. Fitted with patented HEPA and PECO purification systems, the 6GCool doesn’t just trap particles. It disinfects and sanitizes the air that passes through its filters. The HEPA filters trap microparticles, but that’s just half the story… the PECO (or Photo ElectroChemical Oxidation) purification tech uses a combination of UVA LEDs, Titanium Dioxide plates, and a Negative Ionizer to destroy microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, as well as break apart air-based molds, volatile organic compounds, and odors. While the HEPA filters need replacement periodically, the PECO tech lasts as long as the 6GCool purifier does, working without needing any sort of replacement over periods of time. The purifier runs on a 1450mAh battery which gives it 8 hours of use on a full battery. A MicroUSB port on the 6GCool lets you charge it too, which means you could potentially hook it to your power-bank and run what is officially the smallest, most powerful air-purifying setup… no matter where on earth you are!

Designers: Oliver Lehtonen, Eric Gu, Shing Lo & Thomas To

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6GCool – World’s Smallest High Tech Air Purifier

The 6GCool is a mobile air purifier that uses a patented 4-step filtration process, including HEPA filter, anti-bacterial TiO2 layer, air ionizer, and UV light.

6GCool provides 8 hours of clean air on every charge and is perfect for office, commute, remote work, and travel.

6GCool inhales dirty air from the bottom and releases clean fresh air out from the top, through an adjustable outlet.

6GCool has been tested by renowned independent laboratories to global standards, including particle filtration test PM2.5, PM1.0 and PM0.5 (GB/T 18801-2015). The team has over 30 years of dedication to innovation in air filtration technologies. The 6GCool is the first air purifier to use HEPA filtration together with state-of-art PECO filtration technology.

Instead of cleaning the ambient air around you, 6GCool creates a personal zone of clean air where you need it.

The Science of Clean Air

You already know about HEPA filters. You might have also heard about PECO filtration. They combined the two for the ultimate filtration performance. They call this technology 6G filter (6th generation) technology and they already patented it.

Their H12 grade HEPA filter is the same air filter found in other high-end air purifiers.

PECO technology breaks down the remaining compounds that would otherwise sneak past the HEPA filtration process.

1. H12 HEPA filter: HEPA filter is our first filtration step and already captures the majority of the airborne particles.
2. Titanium Dioxide coating initiates a chemical reaction (with UV-light) which creates mini compounds called hydroxyl radicals. These mini compounds then react with bigger harmful chemicals/compounds and chop them down to harmless compounds.
3. Ionizer: Negative ionizer enhances the filtration efficiency of UV-light and TiO2 coating.
4. UV-A LEDs finalizes the chemical reaction (with TiO2 coating) which creates mini compounds called hydroxyl radicals. These mini compounds then react with bigger harmful chemicals/compounds and chop them down to harmless compounds.

6GCool Features

Quiet 6200 rpm/min fan –  They designed 6G to have 2 operating modes – turbo and silent – to suit your busy life. Turbo Mode expels larger volume of clean air out and is perfect for when you are on the move or in a crowded environment whereas the Silent Mode is perfect in a more stationary situation where you need the air purifier to work in the background.

Turbo mode pushes as much as 2.8m/s of filtered clean air out through the adjustable outlet.

Testing & Certifications

6GCool delivers in seconds. They have tested 6G against common air pollutants PM2.5, PM1.0 and PM0.5. For test results please reach them through the website.

Submitted to independent SGS testing. ISO 17025 accredited SGS Lab will test particle filtration efficiency with PM0.5 (GB/T 18801-2015) and PM1.0 (GB/T 18801-2015). For test results contact us separately.

Replaceable Hepa Filters & Lifelong Peco

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $200 (35% off). Hurry, only 1/205 left!