Aston Martin for Interiors

Only a handful of companies carry the badge of luxury and class like Aston Martin and with that cache, they’re expanding into interiors. The premiere of Aston Martin Interiors in Milan marks a new chapter in the company’s portfolio – one that combines their unique technological and design prowess into a distinct contemporary mark for home and office. Think advance industrial technologies like carbon and kevlar compounds mixed with traditional luxury materials like leather and cashmere.

The sofa carries minimalistic lines inspired by the form and curves distinguished by the beloved car. The inside frame is made of steel and wood finished off in supple leather. 240 x 200 x 80 cm.


The chaise lounge is elegant and contemporary. The monocoque bodywork is made of carbon fiber with brilliant aluminum applications. The padding is fixed to the body with elastic belts covered in leather.  205 x 71 x 87 cm.