This certified UV-C sanitizing tray is also a fast wireless charging dock

You may wear a mask, you may even wash your hands multiple times a day… but how often do you sanitize your keys? Your wallet? What about those spectacles? It’s an oversight that I’ve made too, because it isn’t easy to remember that your spectacles, smartphone, AirPods, keys, wallet, earrings, are all simply extensions of yourself. You could wash your hands and have a bath, but it isn’t often that one disinfects their spectacles, or wipes down their smartphone with a Kleenex after every outdoor trip. Designed to fulfill that oversight, and because it isn’t really feasible to spray down every single one of your belongings every time you venture outdoors, the Mundus Pro comes with a UV-C disinfecting chamber that effectively sanitizes your belongings using ultraviolet light. Built with a wide tray, a textured base, and multiple UV-C lamps, the Mundus Pro disinfects every inch of your belongings in a matter of seconds. In fact, it even comes with two wireless-charging coils built into the top of the UV-C chamber, allowing you to even charge your phones or your TWS earbuds after you sanitize them.

Designed in Italy, the Mundus Pro comes with a sleek form-factor that allows it to seamlessly blend into your home decor. Styled to look sort of like a slick-white jewelry box, the Mundus can sit on your work-desk, dressing table, or even your mantelpiece. Open it up, and it reveals its 2-tier organizing tray on the inside that you can use to even store your belongings (when you’re not sanitizing them). The inner chamber is wide enough to fit large phones, and tall enough for you to place your spectacles, AirPods cases, or even your wallet into. Simply place your belongings into the chamber, shut the lid, and hit the button on the front, and the Mundus Pro gets to work, using 4 UV-C LEDs and 2 UV-C lamps of two different wavelengths, along with ozone and titanium dioxide to destroy any type of microorganism. The Mundus Pro’s UV-sanitizing tech is, in fact, the only one that comes certified to kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi by the EPA as well as the independent product testing and certification companies Intertek, SGS, and Gmicro.

Sanitizing, as important as it is, is just one part of what the Mundus Pro was built to do. With two Qi-certified wireless charging coils built into the lid of the device, the Mundus Pro works as a wireless charger for your devices. The two 10W fast wireless charging spots (coupled with fast charging algorithms) allow you to quickly and wirelessly juice up two phones at a time using the same power supply, or a phone and a pair of wireless earbuds. Built into the side is even an 18W USB-A Quick Charge port that you can plug your smart watch’s charging puck into, giving you an all-in-one way to juice up your devices before you leave the house… and sanitize them when you return! Oh, and you can even put your fabric face-mask into the Mundus Pro to give it a quick and effective clean!

Designer: Oliva & Lu

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Mundus Pro – Sanitizing Device & Wireless Charging Dock

Designed in Italy, the Mundus Pro by Einova is a certified 3-in-1 UV-C sanitizing device, fast wireless charging dock, and accessories tray.

Certified UV-C Sanitizer

The Mundus Pro is the only UV-C sanitizing device certified effective by the EPA and Intertek, one of the most authoritative independent labs in the world. Begin the 8-minute cleaning cycle by pressing the touch-sensitive button. LED indicator lights show you the progression at a glance. In a rush? Remove your items after only 4 minutes — at this point, the sanitization is already substantially completed.

Mundus Pro immediately turns off the UV-C light whenever the lid is opened, so your eyes will always remain shielded from its effects.

Mundus Pro’s inner sanitizing chamber has space for multiple items: two phones at the same time, sunglasses, watches, AirPods, personal protective masks, or anything else that fits.

The textured bottom ensures that the UV-C light has access from every possible angle, with no need to flip or rotate the items inside.

Multi-device Fast Wireless Charging Dock

Charge up to three devices simultaneously via the wireless charging spots and the USB-A Quick Charge port.

The two 10W fast wireless charging spots with fast charging algorithms are Qi-certified by the Wireless Power Consortium, so you can trust that your devices will charge safely, reliably, and at twice the speed versus standard wireless charging for compatible devices.

The 18W USB-A Quick Charge port is perfect for your Apple Watch charging puck or any other USB-A device.

Sleek Personal Organizer

Ideal for your desk, home entryway or nightstand, Mundus Pro keeps all your most important personal items organized. Minimalist and functional.

How it Works

The 4 Layers of Protection is the most comprehensive sanitizing system available in a UV-C device. And it’s exclusive to Mundus Pro.

Layer 1: Two UV-C lamps – UV-C light breaks down hazardous organic genetic material. Mundus Pros’s UV-C lamps are precision tuned to the peak biocidal wavelength of 254 nm.

Layer 2: Four UV-C LEDs – Not all organisms are most effectively targeted at 254 nm. Mundus Pro targets those outside the biocidal wavelength peak with its UV-C LEDs, tuned to 275 nm. This dual UV-C lamp / UV-C LED wavelength mix exerts immense light pressure inside the chamber — over 4W of pressure total. Together with ozone and titanium dioxide, this translates to an optimized sanitizing environment.

Layer 3: Ozone – Naturally produced by the UV-C LEDs. The UV-C light pressure transforms the oxygen in the air O2 molecules into ozone (O3) molecules. This small and human-safe amount of ozone works by oxidizing and weakening cell walls. Eventually the walls rupture, causing the immediate death of the cells.

Layer 4: Titanium dioxide – The interior sanitizing chamber is coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2), a photocatalytic agent that speeds up and boosts the efficacy of the UV-C light and the ozone.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $120 ($41 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!