Some Tiny Audio Chops, Some Chops Indeed

Boy oh boy do you know a dude who loves portable speaker systems. It is me. And I say that while the best portable system will forever be the giant Ghetto Blaster, smaller and smaller competitors continue to show their chops. What do we have here? It’s JukeBrick: portable music holder, player… and performer. Yon-U Cho makes a little symphony with JukeBricks:

Instant Portable Concert: When more than two Jukebricks are gathered together, every Jukebrick becomes a seperate performer. We can listen to the sound from each instrument or vocal. Exact sound sources [can be determined] from ordinary music using Music 2.0 technology.

Instant Portable Theater: Just attach more than 2 Jukebricks side by side and the screen is extended double and more. Also, as speakers are added, we can enjoy 3-way or 4-way channel surround speakers outside with friends.

Size: 67 x 67 x 16 mm
Weight: 112g
Display: OLED 480×480 Pixels
Bluetooth, Wireless, LAN
Foldable Mono Speaker Module

The most interesting feature of these little guys is the Table DJing feature in which you have three or more Bricks and place them in order. If they are in a straight line, they will all play the same song at once, then go on to whatever is next on the list on the next Brick, and continue until the end. If they are in a circle, it’s the same effect, but with infinite replay. Finally, if all Bricks are in a jumble, they play shuffled.

Who would have thought?

These are made to knock down a layer between music listeners that’s erected with each new Podling roaming the streets. Share the beats!

Designer: Yon-U Cho