New iPhone 15 Pro high-quality renders show the biggest camera bump on an iPhone, plus USB-C

Big changes are coming to the iPhone 15, including what looks like solid-state buttons, a potential titanium frame, and the world’s first Apple-certified USB-C port on an iPhone. Speaking of big changes, that camera bump is probably the thickest I’ve ever seen on an iPhone too. Gone are the days when Apple would try photoshop tricks to conceal the camera bump, and provide the phone’s thickness without the bump just to entice buyers. Given that the camera has now become perhaps the most important component on the iPhone, it’s getting its own real estate in a way that makes the camera really look like a separate entity.

These exclusive renders were made available to 9to5Mac based on what they claim is a credible CAD model from one of the iPhone’s makers. Materials seem speculative at this point, although 9to5Mac claims with a certain degree of surety that we may be looking at a titanium frame for the 15 Pro series (goodbye Bendgate). Other more visible details include the absence of the iconic mute switch over a button that sits flush against the iPhone’s frame, and that sweet, sweet USB-C port.

Designer: 9to5Mac

Inspecting the CAD model has revealed that the camera lens protrusion has more than doubled from the iPhone 14 Pro’s enormous cameras. At this point you could probably snap a MagSafe wallet to the back of your phone and it still wouldn’t protrude as much as the lenses on the 15 Pro’s camera module. The folks at 9to5Mac speculate that the camera will feature an all-new sensor technology that will “capture more light and reduce overexposure or underexposure in certain settings.”

Notably enough, however, the CAD file for the 15 Pro Max actually has a SMALLER camera bump than the 15 Pro. 9to5Mac attributes this to the probability of a new periscope lens system that will only be coming to the higher-end model in the Pro series. I can’t wait to see how Apple justifies this, and what it means for the iPhone 15’s sales. Will people actually spend a couple of hundred bucks more for a sleeker design? My gut definitely thinks so.

The Dynamic Island on the new iPhone 15 series is also rumored to be marginally smaller than the one seen on the 14 Pro from last year. Apple condensed the notch with newer iterations too, so this is no surprise… although rumor also has it that the Dynamic Island will now make its way to all iPhone 15 variants and not just the Pro models.

A deep-dive into the 15 Pro’s camera architecture. You can even see the image stabilizer inside the phone

The biggest change on the iPhone, however, is undoubtedly Apple’s (forced) migration to USB-C. Following EU legislation brought about by the rise in e-waste by Apple not following a set standard, the company is now shifting its iPhone to USB-C, although other Apple products like the AirPods, Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad will still retain the Lightning charging connector… for now.

A lot of people are also speculating that this shift to USB-C is going to be met with some form of Apple-style resistance. The iPhone won’t directly be compatible with all USB-C cables, dongles, and accessories. Like with the iPad Pro, only MFi-certified accessories will work as intended with the phone, and even fast-charging cables, adapters, and power bricks will be limited by the phone itself unless they comply with the MFi standards. This effectively means your Android fast charger or GaN fast charger could effectively be rendered useless with the iPhone, which would still charge at the same slow speed.

Although we’re quite a few months away from the iPhone’s release, these renders and rumors help consumers be mentally prepared for what’s to come. After all, a $1200 purchase shouldn’t be a spur-of-the-moment decision, right?

The iPhone 15 is rumored to drop in September, when Apple hosts its iPhone and Apple Watch event. Prior to that, we’re expecting a taste of Apple’s mixed-reality headset (rumored to be called Apple Reality Pro) in June during Apple’s WWDC event.